I’m a journalist and a writer.


I've got facts when you need them. I'm creative when it counts.


I specialize in human-interest stories, long-form nonfiction, magazine writing, profiles and ghostwriting. I speak to the experts, read the reports, analyze the data and make sense of it all.


I go beyond the 24-hour news cycle to write stories from the undercurrent. I lead with curiosity and ask what is necessary. The result is a story where the numbers have meaning, the names have faces and the issues are real.


From a superstitious mortuary beautician in Harlem, N.Y. to discovering the same under-performing companies win healthcare contracts in Bangladesh, my breadth of work highlights my knack for immersive writing and data journalism.


My work has appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, IB Times, Houstonia, TakePart and GOOD.


As a writer and communications specialist, my expertise and services include professional writing like proposals, presentations, communication plans, marketing and website content, and copy editing.

I own Epic Essays, an editing service that connects high school students to award-winning editors to perfect their college admissions essays. Our vision is to inspire self-love through honest storytelling.


I never turn down an adventure, and most of my travels have been planned on a whim. My latest exploration: open mic nights in Lagos, Nigeria and palm wine in Accra, Ghana.


I have a master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree in Communications Management and Design from Ithaca College.


It won’t write itself, so send it my way.