Our Vision For Just Recovery
Every neighborhood deserves dignity, safety and government preparations and protections from harsh weather.
Eyes on the Future, Connected to the Past
Huey German-Wilson grew up with environmental injustices she thought were normal in her Northeast Houston neighborhood.
Community Conservation
Here it is, most “big green” environmental groups do not traditionally organize their work according to an equity frame. There is an obvious problem with that model and it affects millions.
Creating Lasting Change
Climate equity is about recognizing that marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change.
That's Not What I Want
New York State’s new law requiring coverage of gender reassignment surgery sounded like a game changer. The problem: not all trans people want the same thing.
The Art of Curing Cancer
The director of MD Anderson’s Arts in Medicine program uses painting, sculpture and one giant dragon to provide courage and solace to children battling cancer.
The Brain Man of Baylor
Neuroscientist David Eagleman discusses parenting, the prison system and his new PBS show.
A Different World
Though public schools offer some services, parents of children with special needs often find private education better in the long run.
We're With the Banned
A discovery that Houstonia is prohibited in Texas jails illuminates the often-arbitrary rules governing what prisoners can—or can’t—read.
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